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The Lemur comes with a couple of external objects for Max/MSP/Jitter that have been designed to make the network communication easier.

First, open the Max patch MAXMSP_GettingStarted.mxb with MaxMSP.

Then, launch JazzEditor and connect it to your Lemur. Load the xml file MAXMSP_GettingStarted.xml. Adjust the Settings in the JazzEditor window (OSC Target 0 IP and port) if needed.

puce Adjust port number in MaxMSP patch.


puce 01 Balls and Pads

maxpatch01 maxinterface01

Move objects on the Lemur, you must see objects moving in MaxMSP.

puce 02 Multisliders and switches

maxpatch02 maxinterface02

The multisliders are directly mapped to multisliders in MaxMSP. You can change the number of sliders in JazzEditor to see dynamic mapping in MaxMSP. Look at the Switch object. To access one value of a vector, JazzClient can use [x].

puce 03 More balls

maxpatch03 maxinterface03

Just to compare “normal” and “ephemeral” versions of the Multiball object.

puce 04 Basic synth

maxpatch04 maxinterface04

A simple synthetiser controlled with a Multiball in ephemeral mode. Each ball plays a noise with a reson filter. The brightness controls the level.

puce 05 Bidirectionnal control

maxpatch05 maxinterface05

An example to control the Lemur from MaxMSP. Push the Remote switch on the Lemur and the Fader is moving according to the counter value in MaxMSP. Push the Record button, move the ball of the RingArea. Stop recording. Push Play, the ball executes the movement you have just recorded.

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