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At the time of this release, a compatibility issue in Traktor DJ Studio 3 makes it unable to use the Daemon Input and Daemon Output virtual MIDI ports on the Mac.

Therefore, all the objects on this template use MIDI target 1, which you should setup to use some other MIDI port (if you’re on Windows, you may use the same kind of port as MIDI target 0). You can setup additional virtual MIDI ports in the Audio MIDI Setup application on Mac OS X, Traktor DJ will recognize those.

Once the Lemur is setup for the project, fire up Traktor DJ Studio 3. Go inside the preferences and load the MidiMapping.tks file to setup the MIDI mapping. This is it, now poke around at the interface.

Here are some cues to help you use it :

The project is entirely symmetrical to control 2 decks at the same time in the same way.

The scratching is done by holding the green pad beneath the Scratch Slider and moving the slider up and down.

The Tempo fader can be set to spring back to default tempo by activating the switch beneath it.

Loop Length switches correspond to Loop durations : 1 beat, 1 bar, 2 bars, 8 bars

Holding the Manual Pad while in loop mode discloses two buttons to decrease and increase the current loop length

The 6 switches beneath the FX label let you choose an effect. For each effect, you can control 4 parameters in real time by positioning fingers inside the FXScope and creating a 2D trajectory.

For some effects,a Pad will light up under the FX label: that means the effect is of the one-shot type, and must be activated by using the pad.

The blue multisliders on the top let you control the EQ params of the decks.

The fader on the bottom, quite naturally, lets you crossfade between the two decks. It is set to No Physics, so that hitting on either end of it will jump immediately to the corresponding position : Full Deck A / Full Deck B

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