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Begin by loading the jzml project on your Lemur, and choose a MIDI port to transmit data on MIDI Target 0, either in your Lemur settings or in the JazzDaemon Setup. SInce Resolume runs on Windows only, you’ll have to use MIDI Yoke or Maple MIDI’s virtual ports.

In Resolume’s preferences menu, go to the midi general tab and load the Midi settings file entitled lemurmapping.xml that comes along with this template. By default Resolume will activate all the Midi inputs it detects, so you may need to deactivate some of them if you’re simultaneously controlling other applications. That’s basically all that’s needed to ride Resolume with the Lemur, pretty simple isn’t it ?

Note that the current version of Resolume doesn’t output any MIDI data, Le Projectionniste is therefore a one-way interface.


A few tips on using this interface:

  • Use the Pads matrix and the Decks Switches to select your clips. Alternatively, try out the MultiBall RandomSelector on the fourth page.

  • For fine-tuning the active layer’s playing speed, use the third page Active Layer Zoom. The Speed_Elastic Sliders help you getting back smoothly to your initial speed.

  • Take a minute to customize the labels on the FX page in order to suit your needs.

Interface concept by St├ęphane Abboud aka Le Projectionniste.

template_projectionist03 template_projectionist03
template_projectionist03 template_projectionist03

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