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Grainstates deconstructs a sample into short audio grains, and provides 8 identical modules (scenes) for controlling the playback parameters of the grains. The modules can be step-sequenced or triggered individually, and routed to a delay FX unit.


On Reaktor’s side, each module is structured around an XY pad, where the X coordinate controls the grain’s start position and the Y coordinate controls the length of the grain. On the Lemur’s side, those 8 XY pads are controlled by a single Multiball object with 8 balls. When a ball is touched, the adjacent Container displays the set of parameters available for the corresponding step: step volume level, clock step length, pitch shift (PS), transpose (TP), pitch jitter (PJ), glide pitch (GLP), glide value (GLV), grain symmetry (GR SYM). In addition, the Container also provides functions such as copy/paste, randomize, reset, increments for the transpose control as well as grid settings for the step lengths.
This container


When the “Ball Settings” button is pressed, the container next to the Multiball changes and displays a series of parameters relating to the behavior of the Multiball object itself, such as its physical mode, the attraction values of individual balls, grids etc..


The central part of the page can also make room for an extended FX section, featuring precise LFO and filter tuning tools…


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