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Once you’ve loaded the jzml project on your Lemur, go to your Lemur settings and choose a MIDI port to transmit data on MIDI Target 0, and a second to receive data on the same Target. These can be Daemon Input and Output 0 if you’re on Mac, or Maple or MidiYoke ports 1 and 2 if you use Windows (with Maple and Yoke, you must use different port numbers to avoid MIDI feedback). When your Lemur is set, open FM8 and activate the appropriate MIDI ports in the Audio and MIDI settings menu, then load the LemurFM8.f8c MIDI Controller Assignment file in the Master section.

fm8 fm8

A few tips for this template:

  • The first interface corresponds to FM8’s Easy/Morph section, with timbre, amplitude, effects and Morph controls. The Morph Multiball’s friction and speed can be altered with the MultiSlider object located underneath it.

  • A small keyboard is at your disposal to test your sounds, with switches to change octaves, a switch to activate the Arpeggiator and another for the Sustain. Use the Sustain to keep a sound going while you tweak parameters on other pages.

  • The second and third interfaces are dedicated to the control of FM8’s entire Effects section.

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