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Let’s go through the usual phase of setting up before playing with the Lemur. We use MIDI Target zero for Mackie-related messages (in/out) and MIDI Target 1 to send notes and controls to a VSTi (out only). From the Lemur or JazzDaemon, select ports for those different targets and load the project Remote Cubase.jzml

Now launch Cubase and go to the Preferences. In the Mackie Control prefs, set the Input and Output ports to the ports you chose for Target zero. Then set the Input for Generic Remote to Target 1’s output port. Finally, load up some predefined MIDI mappings by importing the CubaseMapping.xml file in the Generic Remote preferences. You’re all set !

The GlobalMix interface is a classic mixing interface with pads for soloing, muting and arming tracks.

The Track interface lets you tweak with high detail two contiguous tracks, selected with the Chan_L and Chan_R buttons.

The Panning interface lets you control the surround pan of 4 tracks at the same time, from a Multiball object with tweakable physics parameters.

The AutoPan interface makes use of the power of the parser and the time variable to generate elliptical envelopes for surround panning. Change the X, Y and Speed coefficients to get the shape you like for each one of the 4 envelopes !

The Instruments interface brings you a matrix keyboard for VSTi fun, along with two 2D controllers mapped to MIDI CC #70-73.

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