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This template transmits and receive MIDI data on MIDI Target 0. So if you’re on Mac, connect Lemur Output 0 to Daemon Input 0 and Lemur Input 0 to Daemon Output 0 on your JazzDaemon Targets configuration page. On Windows, connect Lemur Output 0 to Maple or MIDIYoke port1 and Lemur Input 0 to Maple or MIDIYoke port2. When you’re done, go to B4 II’s Audio/MIDI setup and activate the corresponding ports, then click on the setup button on the top part of the organ to display the setup view. Click on the load button in the Control Assignment section to import the LemurB4map.bcm MIDI mapping file into B4 II. Lastly, in the Manuals section, set MIDI channel 1, 2 and 3 for the upper, lower and pedal keyboards respectively.


Some cues to help you use this template:

  • This is a bidirectional template, use the up and down arrays on the Lemur interface to browse through the presets, and all the objects should get updated.

  • If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard, press the Keyboard button to display 3 small keyboard modules.

  • Press the Random Drawbars button if you can’t be bothered to set the sliders yourself.

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