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Alto NYC, 146 W 29th Street NYC

Thursday, April 29th. 2 sessions – 4PM & 6PM

Ableton’s latest release just gave you license to do whatever you want! By incorporating Cycling 74’s Max/MSP/Jitter into Live, you are now able to wrangle, mangle, twist, control and tweak your audio, MIDI and video any way you wish – and even more ways you haven’t imagined. The possibilities are endless. Jazzmutant’s latest offering takes advantage of this new feature with Mu – a touch screen interface to control your Live tracks.

You will be diving in deep, showing you Max For Live, Mu and many other tips and tricks. You’ll learn how to create a basic Max for Live patch so you can start experimenting right away! Alto’s team will also show you how to integrate the ever-growing list of FREE Max for Live devices found on various sites on the web. Once you dive in, you will have access to a never-ending supply of inspiration!

Space is limited, so RSVP to:

Meet us in Frankfurt

March 2010

Do you want to try MU out?
Come and put your hands on it at MusikMesse at Digital Audio Service’s booth
Hall 5.1, Booth 66, March 24-27th

Mu Public Beta available!

March 2010

JazzMutant have been housing a secret, and now that secret is out.
Mu for Lemur is coming… The first truly integrated Ableton Live touch controller.
Taking advantage of the doors opened by Max for Live, and with zero configuration necessary
(yes, entirely plug and play!) , you will finally be able to: Touch Ableton Live!
Download the public beta now!

of the the video tutorial series, Gareth Willilams focuses here on the way to set up a simple but effective Ableton DJ template using the Lemur.

New Lemur video tutorial

September 2009

In this first episode of a series of new video tutorials, electronic musician and Lemur expert Gareth Williams (aka Raw Hedroom) explores ways of using the Lemur’s objects and their physics as a sound design tool in Ableton Live.

New touch-panel

New Multi-Touch Panel Component

October 2009

JazzMutant’s groundbreaking products Lemur and Dexter have been in short supply over the past couple months, due to a combination of unprecedented success and a complex touch panel bubbling issue which limited our output capability. The company has decided not to compromise on quality. Despite assembly improvement and quality control enhancements, the last batch of touch panels have failed to meet our standards. As a result, we decided not to resume the production of the Lemur at the moment. In order to avoid this issue in the future, we are now completely redesigning the touch panel component of the Lemur.

The upside of all this is that the next batch of Lemur will feature the latest generation of our multi-touch technology: better optical performances, higher precision, greater accuracy and responsiveness. It will be clearer and have brighter colors. We plan on launching the new touch-panel component in October. We once again thank you for your patience, and look forward to sharing the excitement in October!

Warper Party

JazzMutant@Warper Party

May 26th, 2009

Fancy a pre-MUTEK warm-up? Warper Party (NYC), Createdigitalmusic.com, TrackTeam Audio, Jazzmutant, Dj Shakey, Dubspot, and Ableton Live are teaming up to bring you a whole day of live electronic music performance, workshops and general festivities.

Brooklyn musician Nick Shelestak (White Badger) will demonstrate how he integrates the Lemur in the studio and on stage using Ableton Live, along with a few other special features unique to the Lemur.

We look forward to seeing you at Theatre Ste. Catherine, 264 Ste. Catherine E. (Montreal), on Tuesday, May 26th (all afternoon and evening, 2pm to 3am) to get ready for a big week of cutting edge music and electronic arts!

For updated schedule, check



May 22nd, 2009

On Friday 22nd May, the future of software control lands in Liverpool – SAE are hosting a special Jazzmutant day! The daytime part of the event will be open to SAE Liverpool students. In the evening there will be a 90 minute seminar (20.00) open to the general public.

Pre-registration (free) is necessary to be able to attend. You can do this by visiting

The seminars will be held by Gareth Williams and will focus on using the Lemur in it’s two favourite habitats: rocking the crowd on stage and creating new sounds in the studio.



May 28th, 2009 – from 11 a.m

This month sees the tenth Mutek festival in Montreal. This is one of the most important and highly revered electronic arts events in the yearly calendar. The festival shows the most cutting edge and forward thinking artists in house, techno and electronica in a 7 day orgy of music, art, seminars and workshops. For the first time, Jazzmutant will be attending Mutek by hosting a workshop held by Lemur-expert Nick Bugayev.Bugayev has put the Lemur to use in almost all of his projects, from music productions to building interactive visual-audio installations. He was also instrumental in initiating the Monemur controller emulation project.

The following topics will be covered:

  • – Ableton Live DJing and Semi-Live Set
  • – Max/MSP, Gestural Control and Sound Design
  • – Step Sequencing and Beyond
  • – V2 Scripting

, will take place on May 28th 2009 at 11am. Visit the for more details



May 13-16, 2009

Jazzmutant are very excited to work with UK digital arts collective, The Centrifuge to bring you Lemur showcases and workshops by our dear friends Richard Devine and Raw Hedroom.? This will form part of the Manchester Futuresonic festivel which encompasses art, performance, music, design and digital culture events held at venues all over the city between the 13th to 16th May. The daytime seminar will feature two Lemur workshops by the aforementioned artists, alongside sessions on portable trackers, live looping and a “make and bend” workshop. The night-time club event will include a showcase by Richard Devine and a whole host of other sonic goodies. Click for more information on Futuresonic , ,


Depeche Mode Remix Contest in association with Beatport & JazzMutant

April 28 – May 26, 2009

Jazzmutant are proud to work with Beatport to offer you the opportunity to remix Peace from seminal electronic music artists, Depeche Mode’s new album Sounds of the Universe. The winner will have their track released on Beatport through Mute and will also receive an incredible selection of prizes including a Jazzmutant Lemur! Check out for further details and get your hands on those parts!


JazzMutant at MusikMesse 2009 – Frankfurt / Hall 5.1 Booth C48

April 1-4, 2009

JazzMutant are looking forward to meet you again at this year’s MusikMesse Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for musical instruments and live music. Come by our booth for a chat with the JazzMutant team and exclusive demos of our controllers !


JazzMutant masterclasses and artists performances @ Remix Hotel Miami 2009 – Miami Beach, FL

March 27-29, 2009

JazzMutant are very proud to announce their involvement in this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami. Lemurized artists will be presenting masterclasses and performing at Remix Hotel Miami and the huge Beatport pool party! Get your shades and come party with us by the pool!

More info


Lemur v2.0 workshop with JazzMutant @ Univers-Sons – Paris, France

February 28th, 2009 – from 2 p.m

An afternoon with JazzMutant for discovering the Lemur v2.0 control surface. Drop by for a demo and ask all the questions you want!


Music Alive Event 2009 @ Novotel Rotterdam, Netherlands

February 15th, 2009 – 12-6 p.m

An afternoon packed with product demo’s, workshops and artist performances, with special guests and support from Ableton, Propellerhead, Resolume, and our Lemur expert Gareth Williams (aka Raw Headroom) ! The event takes place in the Novotel Rotterdam, offering visitors a 250 seat mainroom for spectacular artist performances and product demo’s plus 5 demorooms with pro-audio clinics, new product presentations and listening sessions.


JazzMutant celebrates Lemur V2.0’s release with huge price drops for both Lemur and Dexter !

January 15, 2009

To celebrate the official release of the Lemur V2.0, JazzMutant are slashing the prices of both Lemur and Dexter so now even more people are set to enjoy the future of control! The V2-powered Lemur’s price is now significantly reduced for a limited 60 day period, starting from this Winter NAMM. DAW users who want to get their mitts on Dexter’s multitouch technology, but have no need for the modular/configurable approach of the Lemur, also have reason to be happy as Jazzmutant will offer the Dexter as a DAW only controller at a heavily (and permanently) reduced price – only pay for the features you need! While crossgrading from Dexter to Lemur will no longer be possible, the crossgrade from Lemur to Dexter remains an option.

Jazzmutant are also relaunching their on-line store enabling users to buy the controllers direct through the company website, so not only are the controllers cheaper than ever but they are easier to purchase as well!


Touch Controlling Ableton Live Seminar @ Ableton Live User Group – SAE Institute, L.A.

January 22nd, 2009 – 8 p.m

A seminar presented by Lemur experts Gareth Williams (aka Raw Hedroom) and Bryant Place (aka CPU) focusing on the unique interfacing capabilities of the JazzMutant Multitouch Controller with Ableton Live. Topics include “Performing a powerful hybrid live/DJ set with the Lemur/Live combination”, “Using the Lemur with Live as a powerful sound design tool” and “Natural and musical sequencing with Lemur and Live”. Welcome to all !

More info


JazzMutant at NAMM Show – Anaheim, CA / DJ&Lighting; Arena-Booth 7713

January 15-18, 2009

JazzMutant will be present at NAMM Show 2009 from Thursday 15th January until Sunday 18th, and would love to meet you at their booth !


Touch Controlling Ableton Live Workshop @ JustMusic’s Five Days Seminar – Munich, Germany

November 21st, 2008 – 5 p.m

This workshop demonstrates the unique capabilities of the JazzMutant Multitouch Controller with Ableton Live. The audience will see how the Lemur provides expert control over two Ableton Live sets: an advanced DJ/Live hybrid set and a 100% live set. Welcome to all !


JazzMutant Seminar @ Klangwerktage 2008 | Contemptronics – Hamburg, Germany

November 29th, 2008 – 12 to 6 p.m

Throughout the course of a number of concerts, talks and workshops, the Hamburger Klangwerktage 2008 | Contemptronics festival, from 24th to 30th November, will offer new perspectives on the latest contemporary electronic music trends provided by the international music avant-garde. As part of the festivalCAMPUS events, consisting of a total of 18 events concerned with the topic “Music and Electronic”, JazzMutant expert Gareth Williams will be holding a Lemur and Dexter seminar, and sharing his experience with multitouch technology both in live performance and in the studio.


Lemur/Dexter demo and workshop @ Alto Music – NYC, USA

November 6th, 2008

Ever touched a (V2) Lemur ? Participants will see how the Jazzmutant Lemur multitouch controller can give the electronic performer or producer unprecedented control over audio software. This is all whilst remaining engaging for the audience and playful for the user. Participants will see how the Lemur can provide expert control over any piece of music software, and see how simple it is to build their own interface. Example templates will be demonstrated with accessible and popular software such as Ableton Live, certain Native Instruments Reaktor Ensembles, as well as with custom built sound devices in Cycling 74’s Max/MSP. Participants will also have the opportunity to try out the Dexter DAW controller, and see how it makes mouseless mixdown in the studio a breeze.

3 workshops will be given during the day by Lemur expert Brandon Epperson. Please email to make an appointment and come and try out the Lemur and Dexter for yourself!

Alto Music NYC
251 West 30th Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001


Amsterdam Dance Event’s masterclass with JazzMutant @ Sugar Factory – Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 24th, 2008 – 7-11 p.m

From 22 till 25 October, the city of Amsterdam will be the central hub of the international dance community, serving as the main information node for the industry, covering every aspect of the dance music and clubbing industry… As part of the event, 365MAG.COM is holding an interactive masterclass at the Sugar Factory venue on Friday 24th. The masterclass includes talks by Wil-Jay Timski, Quince, and our friend Gareth Williams, who will be showcasing some of the Lemur V2.0’s new and exciting features.


Lemurized Reaktor workshop @ Cultural Centre Puertas de Castilla – Murcia, Spain

November 6, 2008

The Puertas de Castilla Cultural Centre and the Miga Cultural association presents, within the second creative workshop focused on Reaktor held between the 3rd and 7th of November 2008, a presentation on interfacing the Lemur with Reaktor run by Antonio Blanca, sound designer, Reaktor expert and Lemur specialist. Workshop in Spanish.


Lemur firmware and JazzEditor Version 2.0 Public Beta

October 2008

With the new version 2 firmware and JazzEditor update Jazzmutant are taking the Lemur to another level of control, flexibility and intuitive operation. A host of new object features allows users to really interact with sound and manipulate it in real time like never before. Workflow improvements, scripting additions and other features allow the controller to be used better, faster and more in tune with some of the most popular software applications around with Ableton Live users, in particular, benefiting from some of the new features.

More info


MidiWare and JazzMutant @ roBOt01 Festival – Bologna, Italy

September 20th, 2008

From the 18th to the 20th of Spetember, Bologna will host the first edition of roBOt01, an international festival dedicated to digital arts and music – three days of exhibitions, concerts, meetings, performances, workshops and laboratories. roBOt01 presents a selection of the best international digital production, considering the contemporary electronic culture not just as a phenomenon linked to nightclubs, but as a privileged language of artistic forms capable of uniting different media, and creating a space within the European event schedule for an international line-up of the best electronic production in Europe.

In this context, on Saturday September the 20th in Palazzo Re Enzo – 4.00 pm – a workshop entirely dedicated to JazzMutant will be organised as a part of the seminar “La struttura narrativa”. The well known Italian musician Pierpaolo Caputo will show, together with the staff of our Italian distributor MidiWare, all the capabilities of our control surfaces.


Ableton Live/ Lemur workshop – The Producers Conference – Brussels, Belgium

September 20th, 2008 – 1-6 p.m

Members of the Belgian electro-rock band Alpha 2.1 will be giving insight into recording tracks with Ableton Live for their new album and performing with the Lemur controller during this series of workshops organised at the famous Synsound Studios.


JazzMutant at the 125th AES Convention – San Francisco, CA

October 2-5, 2008

Jazzmutant is proud to be present at the 125th AES Convention in San Francisco. Drop by our booth (1543) to discover the latest developments on the Lemur and Dexter.


Overload with Stephan Bodzin Live – Scala, London

September 26th, 2008

This night is the launch of a brand new concept at Scala, Kings Cross, the idea being to create a visually and orally stunning environment for the clubber. Headliners include Stephan Bodzin performing his outstanding Live show with his Lemur.


Lemur and Dexter at the Wire08 10th anniversary – Yokohama Arena, Japan

August 30th, 2008

Come and visit the Lemur and Dexter booth for the 10th anniversary of one of Japan’s biggest Live music event. Line up includes Toby, Mickey Zhang, Jens Zimmermann, Paul Brtschitsch, Superpitcher, Beroshima, Italoboys, Ellen Allien and many more.


Dexter and Lemur at the Les Paul’s House of Sound exhibit – Discovery World – Milwaukee, USA

June 2008 – January 2009

Milwaukee’s Discovery World is honoring guitar legend and innovator Les Paul with an exhibit dedicated to his life and pionneering work. JazzMutant is proud to be showcased alongside Les Paul’s famous inventions.

More info


Lemur/Dexter demo and workshop with JazzMutant @ Univers-Sons – Paris, France

June 24th, 2008 – 2 & 4.30 p.m

In association with JazzMutant, Univers-Sons presents two worshop sessions for discovering the Lemur and Dexter control surfaces.


Electronic Music Production Workshop with Ableton and JazzMutant @ Stealth – Nottingham, UK

June 21st, 2008 – 2-8 p.m

Audiophile and Shrink Records present an electronic music production workshop in association with Ableton and JazzMutant. A selection of artists from around the country will be giving talks on a variety of topics, including beat programming and live performance interfaces…

More info


Artist section update with exclusive interviews added each week

April, 2008

Check out the new artists’ section on our website, with exclusive interviews from world famous artists sharing their life with the Lemur, on stage and in the studio. Featured artists include Richie Hawtin, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Brian Transeau, Modeselektor and Matthew Herbert. New articles added each week !


JazzMutant at MusikMesse 2008 – Frankfurt / Hall 5.1 -Booth C48

March 12-15, 2008

For the fourth consecutive year JazzMutant is present at Musikmesse Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for musical instruments and live music. Come chat with the JazzMutant team to get the latest developments on the Lemur and put your hands on the critically acclaimed Dexter !


Daft Punk rock the Grammy Awards with 4 Lemurs

February 10th, 2008

Long time Lemur users, the world famous human robots played with Kanye West during the 50th Grammy Awards to perform the hit “Stronger”. They appeared on stage in their pyramid with nothing more than four Lemurs! To use the Lemurs not only as controllers but also to integrate them as key visual elements of their performance, Daft Punk designed unique interfaces in perfect harmony with their setup, demonstrating once again the high customizability of JazzMutant’s multi-touch controller and its high reliability for live performance.

More about Daft Punk :


Introducing Dual Mode

December 4th, 2007

JazzMutant introduces the Dual Mode capability for the world’s most ground-breaking controllers.

JazzMutant’s hands-on multi-touch controllers have revolutionized the way people interface with computers, putting stylish, futuristic and – more importantly – ultimate functional control into creative environments everywhere.

But which controller is right for you? The Lemur, a generic controller that can be set up exactly to suit your needs, allowing for intuitive multi-touch control of instruments, effects, loops, live video, or anything else you need critical hands-on control of ? Or perhaps Dexter, that comes hardwired as the ultimate controller for your DAW ?

You can now get both on one single device : the Dual Mode capability lets any Lemur or Dexter run the two feature-sets on the same machine. Since Lemurs and Dexters are based on the exact same hardware, installing the Dual Mode capability allows you to select Lemur or Dexter functionality when booting up your controller, effectively doubling the potential for your JazzMutant hardware.

The Dual Mode capability is available as a download-only item from the User Area. Dexter owners can freely upgrade to Dual Mode, and access the entire range of customization offered by the Lemur. Lemur owners can decide at any time to acquire the entire Dexter feature set for 399 euros (including VAT for EU residents).


Jazzmutant at Remix Hotel LA, California

Nov. 8-10, 2007 – 3-9 p.m.

Living in LA? Never got a chance to experience the Dexter and Lemur? Jazzmutant is attending the Remix Hotel in Los Angeles on Nov. 8-10. Organized by Remix Magazine, the Remix Hotels gather in one place artists and software/equipment makers for workshops, trainings and panels. Jazzmutant’s team will demo the Dexter and Lemur in a professionnal studio environment.

More info :
SAE Institute of Technology
6565 Sunset Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Announcing new distribution partnership in Japan

October 31st, 2007

Jazzmutant is proud to announce its new partnership with Japanese distributor E-Frontier, making all Jazzmutant’s products easily available on the Japanese market.
E-Frontier has been known for distributing products to inspire and support artistic expression, and this new partnership follows that path.

For the occasion, JazzMutant is launching its Japanese website : www.jazzmutant.com/jp.

e-Frontier, Inc.
Shinjuku Square Tower Bldg, 6-22-1
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku
163-1111 Tokyo
Phone: +81 3 3345 1126


Jazzmutant at AES Convention – October 5th to 8th, 2007

The Javits Center – New York, NY

Jazzmutant is proud to be present at the 123rd AES Convention in New York. Drop by our booth (1057) to discover the Lemur and Dexter plugged on professional setups. The AES, Audio Engineering Society is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to audio technology.
More info on:


Jazzmutant at MEET Milano – September 21st to 24th, 2007

Fiera Milano – Milan, Italy

MEET Milano (Music, Event and Entertainment Technology) is the first and unique event thoroughly exhibiting the world of entertainment: music, professional technologies and broadcasting. Join Jazzmutant to experience the Lemur and Dexter on Midiware’s booth. Discover the latest developments of the Lemur Multitouch Surface Controller and experience for the first time in Italy the Dexter. Jazzmutant will be present on the fair on Sept 21st and 22nd to demo both products and answer all your questions.
More info on:


Jazzmutant Lemur takes centre stage with Bj?rk
2007-2008 World Tour

The award-winning and revolutionary Lemur control surfaces have been wowing crowds around the world on their highest profile outing yet.

No one knows more about innovative performance than Bj?rk, so it is perhaps inevitable that she is the first high profile artist to embrace the power and performance capabilities of the groundbreaking Jazzmutant Lemur for her latest tour, including the recent amazing performance at Glastonbury.

On stage, alongside two Lemurs, Bj?rk sings with a 10-piece brass section that doubles as a backing band, laptop and electronics ‘players’ plus keyboard and percussion virtuosos. It’s about as unusual a set-up as you’d expect from the world’s most innovative and unusual performer, and it all combines to produce one of the most talked about live shows that’s playing to stunned crowds across the globe.

Jazzmutant’s Lemur control surfaces have bought the performance back into music making. No longer do computer musicians feel the need to hide behind their desktop and laptop machines on stage. With these futuristic controllers they have the ultimate playing surface to perform their music and can give their fans an opportunity to witness a real live spectacle.

Alan Pollard is the man responsible for much of the technology on the tour, while Damian Taylor is actually at the controls of one of the Lemurs on stage. Together they provide a valuable insight into how the machines enhance the experience for both players and audience alike.

“We were mixing Bj?rk’s album in London with Spike Stent last November,” recalls Damian, “and Mark Bell [production, live laptops and controllers] pulled out the online [Lemur] demos that were posted on YouTube, just to say, ‘aren’t these cool?’ At the time Bj?rk was just beginning to think about touring the album and she really liked how strongly they represented elements of electronic music in a visual way. We wanted to see if they translated from looking cool into being a cool thing to use musically. Luckily the answer has been a resounding ‘yes!'”

Damian and Mark now have two Lemurs installed as their main controllers on the tour and use them extensively with Ableton Live on pretty much every song. Of course other controllers could have been used, but few can match the power and the sheer beauty of the Lemurs, and those looks have also helped add a striking visual edge to the show.

“Absolutely!” agrees Alan. “The visual thing is important. There are specific cameras just on the Lemurs and we’ve put large plasma screens in front of Mark and Damian to show what is going on with them. That was originally Bj?rk’s idea, she’s into anything that has got an interesting interface – she wanted people to see that this stuff is actually happening live. The electronics are very obvious and visual. In fact, we’re using the Lemurs so much in the show now that we actually need a back up!”

The band are now so into using the Lemurs that they have even created several custom controller sets for the tour.

Damian: “We have 42 songs in the band’s repertoire from which Bj?rk will choose around 17 for each gig – but only a few hours before we go onstage. The fact that I could create controller sets for each song that let me perform completely intuitively was what really made the Lemur indispensable for me.

“Now that I’ve gotten used to the feel of the Lemur,” he continues, “I actually really like the way the tactile interface encourages me to play live. I’m now fully rocking out during gigs and my body can interface with the Lemur in a totally visceral way.”

Upcoming shows :

  • 07.09.24 – Madison Square Garden, New York
  • 07.09.21 – Jacques Cartier Pier, Montreal
  • 07.09.17 – Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
  • 07.09.14 – City Limits Fest, Austin , Texas
  • 07.09.11 – Fox Theatre, Detroit, Michigan
  • 07.09.08 – V Festival Toronto, Canada
  • 07.09.02 – Connect Festival , Scotland
  • 07.08.31 – Electric Picnic , Stradbally, Ireland
  • 07.08.26 – Festival “Rock en Seine”, Paris, France
  • 07.08.23 – Ar?nes de Nimes, Nimes, France
  • 07.08.21 – Ar?nes de Nimes, Nimes, France

More info :


Jazzmutant at Siggraph Emerging Technologies 2007 – San Diego, August 5 to 9, 2007

San Diego Convention Center San Diego, California USA

Pioneer in the multi-touch technology since 2002, Jazzmutant has been the first company to develop and market a product using a multi-touch surface, the award-winning Music and Media controller Lemur.

Many multi-touch interaction techniques have been introduced in the last few months, building a strong interest from the public, but besides focusing on zoomable user interfaces, none of them have showed how this technology can really improve productivity in a computing environment.

For years, video and graphic designers have been asking for advanced and richer control solutions, and a multi-touch input is certainly the answer to those requests.

Jazzmutant is proud to have been selected by the Siggraph Emerging Technologies Committee in San Diego to demo a new prototype device for digital imaging involving multi-touch control. This solution will go beyond mere finger-drawing and clearly illustrate a new way to interact and improve productivity with drawing and video editing software. Furthermore, the solution presented will be the very first multi-touch enabled Tablet PC shown to the public.

Join us at Siggraph to discover a new way to interact with Digital imaging softwares that just can’t be achieved with touch input alone !


MusikMesse 2007 saw the world premiere of JazzMutant’s Dexter, the latest addition to its range of Multitouch enabled controllers. While the Lemur’s modular concept aimed at maximum versatility and adaptability, Dexter is devoted to one unique master plan : bringing the power of Digital Audio Workstations to your fingertips, in a creative and user-friendly manner. For the first time, controlling DAWs feels natural instead of adding an intermediate level of complexity. In a word, Dexter amounts to what DAW users have been longing for years : a Controller. At last.

Great ergonomics
Hasn’t every musician or producer fantasized of controlling their favourite Digital Audio Workstation by touching the actual user interface directly on the screen ? JazzMutant has partnered with leading software companies to make this dream a reality.
Dexter redefines the very interaction between Digital Audio Workstations and the users. This laptop-sized control surface has been designed with only one purpose in mind : making user experience more pleasant, playful and efficient.
At the foundation of this design lies JazzMutant’s patented Multitouch display technology. At last, a control surface combines the two features that any serious controller should offer : great ergonomics for your hands and thorough visual feedback for your eyes.

Intuitive workspace
One glimpse suffices to get acquainted with Dexter’s workspace. Its design is crystal clear and immediately understandable. Dexter is fully self-documented : all functions are available through explicit icons.
The main interface on Dexter accurately mimics the mixer of your DAW.
For greater visual comfort, each individual track is drawn with a specific color that represents its current state : shades of blue differentiate active tracks from muted ones, while red or yellow backgrounds make record enabled or soloed tracks stand out from the rest.
For smarter navigation a unique set of buttons allow you to rearrange Dexter’s mixer on the fly. These allow instant sorting of your channels based on your needs. For example, press the View Solo button to display only the soloed tracks on the screen. With Dexter, channels you don’t need never get in your way.

Unique surround control
With its unique palette of tools dedicated to sound spatialization, Dexter is a dream come true for multichannel work. Its breakthrough surround panner provides live monitoring of up to eight channel positions in the surround space at one time. Sound sources can naturally be moved around using the tips of your fingers in the most intuitive manner. Dexter also introduces novel ways of reshaping the whole surround soundscape through simple finger gestures. Rotation of all your sources can be achieved by manipulating the panner just like a spinning vinyl ! Drag two fingers apart to spray all sources away from the center.

Instant navigation
Dexter has been designed to offer the most immediate access to any features of your Digital Audio Workstation. The era of dreadful navigation buttons to configure tracks and devices is foregone.
Dexter introduces a novel way of browsing through your project. The Track Edit mode offers a clear overview on all the parameters of an individual channel, including graphical EQ display, effects editing, bus sends, and surround panning.
Dexter includes an arsenal of fancy widgets meant to make operation even more efficient and pleasant. The smart Overview widget displays a miniaturized picture of the whole mixer. Dragging a finger across it discloses the content and state of each bank of tracks.

Superb plugin interface
The way common control surfaces has dealt so far with plugins is just dreadful. Dexter is the first controller ever to address this frustrating limitation. For that purpose, Dexter supplies just the right tools to master all your EQs, dynamics and effects.
Dexter’s beautiful EQ controller will amaze you straight away. Exactly mirroring the filter curve of your sequencer’s EQ, this appealing interface particularly benefits from Multitouch technology in order to bring spontaneity and precision to the uppermost level.
Forget about those unnatural key sequences to access a particular parameter of an insert on a track. Dexter lets you jump from the touch of a finger to a unified interface that shows every effect and parameter in a clear way.
For the first time, DAW controlling actually looks and feels natural.

Unprecedented precision
JazzMutant introduces a whole new concept with Dexter : that of zoomable controllers. You can now tweak in real time the resolution you want to acheive from one controller. Zoom in on your faders when you need that extra bit of precision in a mix. Zoom out when you’re looking for the widest range achievable. Dexter brings matchless precision to your mix that top-of-the-range physical faders just can’t compete with.


Available later this Spring, Dexter will be immediately compatible with Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro and Sonar. Compatibility with Pyramix and other software packages will be introduced in further updates. Pricing details, final specifications and release date will be disclosed soon.

Note for Lemur owners
By the end of the year, an upgrade to the Lemur controller’s firmware will enable the device to boot either on the Dexter or Lemur Operating System, to keep Lemur customers at the top-end of controlling possibilities. Conditions for the upgrade to be announced.


Introducing the Dexter DAW Controller and Presenting the Lemur v1.6

JazzMutant at MusikMesse 2007 ? Frankfurt / March 28-31
Hall 5.1 – Booth C48

For the third consecutive year JazzMutant is present at Musikmesse Frankfurt, this year with exciting news and a new booth, now centrally located in Hall 5.1.

Bringing news of the latest developments with the Lemur Multitouch Surface Controller, we also proudly introduce our second product, the Dexter DAW Controller, the next chapter of our unique control technology.





JazzMutant, the leading company in multitouch sensing technology development, announces next major update for the Lemur Multitouch Control Surface, bringing intuitive workflow and ease of adaptation together with maximum efficiency and control power.

The JazzMutant Lemur – already the most advanced and innovative controller created for musicians, sound designers, composers, audio engineers and media artists – does now set the next level of control.

After taking the turn to complete workflow optimization with the last update, the new Version 1.6 does not only include a boost of added functionality, it also brings instant and smooth communication between the Lemur and the host computer providing simplification and out of the box usage.

New JazzDaemon background application for seamless integration, immediate communication and smooth network operation. New internal storage of modules, interfaces and projects at the Lemur including smart navigation.

New local browser dialogue with project view and interface pre-view facilitates easy managment and instant availability of projects, templates and modules from the Lemur. Adjustments of default settings and MIDI + OSC routings now directly possible from the Lemur.

3 new objects and improvement of all present Objects. Refinement of workflow with better visibilty and graphical representation of function. Hiding complexity and achieving simplicity.

New grid function for precise and clear control adding visual indicators for exact parameter positions.

Visit the 1.6 page for in depth information.

photo40 photo41 photo42 photo43 photo44 photo45

The Lemur wins Electronic Musician’s 2007 Editors Choice Award for
“Most Innovative Product”.

The Lemur wins the 2007 Remix Technology Award for
“Most Innovative Product”.

Awards Cerenomy during Namm Show, January 18 to 21, 2007
Anaheim Convention Center – USA

The Editor’s Choice: Three cheers for the finest product we tested in the past year!

The Lemur gets awarded by the editors of Electronic Musician and Remix Magazine for its great innovative impact in music industry. These prestigious awards approve the unique and outstanding position of the Lemur in todays control surface market.

“The Lemur takes the concept of remote control to a new level”
Electronic Musician – From the original review.

You can find out more about the and the in their January 2007 issues.


Lemur Version 1.6 Public Beta – November 20, 2006
JazzMutant announces beta phase of next version Lemur.

Control takes a turn.

Already unmatched and essential before, the Lemur now again sets the next level of control. After taking the turn to complete workflow optimization with the last update, the new Version 1.6 does not only include a boost of added functionality, it also brings instant and smooth communication between the Lemur and the host computer providing simplification and out of the box usage.


The Lemur Multitouch Surface Controller at AES Convention ? October 6 to 8, 2006

Moscone Center, San Francisco CA,
Booth 844 and Booth 1542

Our USA distributor Cycling?74 exhibits at this years AES Convention in San Francisco. Check out Cycling?74?s extensive Lemur demos at booth 844. For the first time the Lemur will be featured on InnovaSON?s booth 1542. AES, Audio Engineering Society is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to audio technology.


The Lemur Multitouch Surface Controller at Apple Expo Paris ? September 12 to 16, 2006

Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles Hall 5, Stand G41

On Saturday, September 16th, Jazzmutant invites you to visit the Booth of Playback, our french retailer aboard the Apple Expo. The Lemur v1.5 will be demonstrated by the Jazzmutant team with updated templates and examples for Emagic LogicPro, Ableton Live, Native Instruments? Reaktor and Traktor DJ, Garagecube Modul8 and Cycling74 Max/MSP. Pass by and witness the difference between limiting controller chaos and pleasant practise !


LemurLand during the SIESTES ELECTRONIQUES Festival Toulouse
June 30 to July 9, 2006

Liquid Club, 2 av Atlanta, 31000 Toulouse ? Saturday, July 1st, 2006
Lemur Workshop, Saturday, July 1st, 2006

This years edition of the SIESTES ELECTRONIQUES festival offers a superb selection of live performances in a unique city environment and we count ourselves lucky to participate in hosting the LemurLand event at the LiquidClub. Presenting the LemurLand ClubNight for the 2nd time this event will once again celebrate the rich potentials of audio visual performances.

Modeselektor, France Copland and Koyote&Goon; will be serving up the finest in electronic beats in a series of live performances and DJ sets completed by the excellent visual live set of RISC. On July 1st we would like to invite you to explore the new features of Version 1.5 and learn how the lemurize your setup. Contact us for your workshop participation at

sonar_ logo

JazzMutant Sessions during the SONAR 2006 Festival, Barcelona ? June 15/16/17, 2006

Artists performing with the Lemur during the SONAR 2006 Festival, Barcelona

We will be present during the whole festival and prepared to meet you around the corner of Sonar festival at our temporary JazzMutant Headquarter Barcelona between June 14 and June 19.

We are proud to announce the following artists performing with the Lemur during this year?s Sonar Festival :

Friday, June 16 : Matthew Herbert, Sonar Night at 03:45 am, Location: Pub
Saturday, June 17 : Modeselektor Live, Sonar Night at 04:15 am, Location: Club
Pfadfinderei Visuals, Sonar Night, Location Club
Richie Hawtin DJ, Sonar Night at 04:30 am, Location: Pub


JazzMutant at the Nime2006 Conference at IRCAM, Paris ? June 8, 2006

The 2006 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression is the 6th conference on new musical interface design and technology following the initial NIME workshop at CHI 2001. Since then, international conferences have been held in Dublin, Montreal, Hamamatsu, and Vancouver.

This year, the conference is hosted by IRCAM – Centre Pompidou, in Paris from June 4-8 2006 in collaboration with the MINT/OMF of the Sorbonne University. Including workshops and a special session, the conference spans over five days. During this period, research papers, demos, performances and interactive installations will be presented, covering state-of-the-art and emerging technologies in the field of musical interfaces and instruments.

The conference will be held in conjunction with IRCAM’s annual Festival of Performing Arts Agora and the Music Technology Convention R?sonances, joined for the first time in 2006 to form a single event running from June 1st to June 17th.

NIME 06 will provide a unique opportunity to confer with an interdisciplinary audience of artists, scientists and technologists on the latest developments in musical interface design and musical expression. The meeting will also offer the possibility to network with a flourishing local scene of interface and instrument makers, research labs, and computer music institutions.

JazzMutant initiated the OSC Meeting during Nime 2006 in association with IRCAM and CNMAT (The Berkley Center For Music And Audio Technologies) and is official partner of the NIME Conference. You are welcome to practice the new experience of human interfacing at our booth at the R?sonance Technology Meeting.

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