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NameTraktor Pro Control v1
AuthorScooby Carolan
Short DescriptionFully featured controller for NI Traktor Pro
DescriptionA 4 page fully featured controller for NI's Traktor Pro, this almost has it all! 2 decks, 4 effects with multiball X vs. Y control, fully programmable cue drops, LED readouts on the Lemur for Main Levels & Cues, support for browsing and loading decks and looping control. It took me a few months to write and is my first big project on the Lemur. I will say that Effects selection behaves strange and there is no support. Import the .TSI into Traktor, load up the jzml and enjoy. If you can figure out the effects selection bug, I'd love to know how. Hit me in the forums!
DownloadLemur Traktor.zip
Size44 kB
Number of downloads1347

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