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File description:

NameRipple Sequencer
AuthorRick Hawkins
Short DescriptionRipples on a grid trigger notes and other ripples.
DescriptionThis is a prototype of my ripple sequencer project. Red 'notes' are placed on the grid along with green 'triggers'. Select the wave size and speed and tap the grid anywhere to start a ripple. When the ripples touch a note a MIDI note is sent. When a ripple touches a trigger cell another ripple is started. This prototype has very basic timing control (just the 'speed' although it does go up to eleven!) and no MIDI clock sync. The tuning of the grid is quite basic also, 3 chromatic octaves. A multiball control is added to control parameters of the voice being triggered. All MIDI is going out over output 7. Sometimes the grid will not initialise properly on load so hit the clear button to reset it.
Size62 kB
Number of downloads1431

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