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File description:

NameWaldorf MicroQ SysEx Controller
Short DescriptionSysEx mapped Waldorf MicroQ Jazzdeamon Port 5
DescriptionIncomplete but, allot of functions that are not accessible via midi are in this patch, i have found it to be very very helpful with respect to the modulation matrix. The fx section has no labelling but is mapped, you can adjust all the parameters just with out knowing exactly what parameter within the effect you are tweaking. This patch is set up for use in single sound mode, it is possible to control the other elements in a multi patch, i just don’ use my Q in that way. The patch uses JazzDaemon port 5, some parameters just use standard CC messages. Important: Some software sequencers filter out SysEx messages (ableton live is one of them). The arp section sort of works, i will try to get this fully sorted at some point, it works well enough to be of use tho, enjoy.
DownloadWaldorf micrQ.zip
Size23 kB
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