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File description:

NameKaossPad 3 Lemur Midi Controller
AuthorRajstah Vibe
Short DescriptionA lemurized mod controller with preset selection for Korg KP3
Descriptiona Lemur midi controller for the Korg Kaoss Pad 3. Including a multiball touch controller with mass spring infinite move for the X/Y/Z axis. A doubled Modumat16sync seq for additional mods on X/Y. The two mods seq can be switched on or off separately, so u can chose if control the X or the Y or both. A synched 16step seq for the Z axis(touch), cool for experimenting with the KP3 internal drums, or synth or delays etch… This version still have minor bugs, but fully working. Make sure that u set up the KP3 to receive the midi from CH16. All controller on the lemur are on the MIDI7 target. Any comunication, please contact me: dynosguz@yahoo.it I would like to be informed if someone have made an upgrade of this version, so we can develope! Have Fun! Rajstah
DownloadKP3 CONTROLLER (Rajstah) .jzlib.zip
Size8 kB
Number of downloads1136

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