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NameMax For Live Lemur Plugin Controller
AuthorDustin Mosley
Short Descriptionbasic fader, ring and ball controller with physics assignable through M4L
DescriptionThis is my first outing into programing in max and lemur. It was mainly a proof of concept for an idea I’m still working on, but it can be useful and there isn’t much out there right now for Lemur users with max for live. So here you go. It’s basically a fader, ball, and ring object with physics control and a pull down menu on each to select the plugin and parameter. Each also has a range control of it’s output. There is a limit to the number of items in a list on the Lemur side so for more complex plugins you can use the interface in the Max for Live patch. I will definitely keep adding things to this one! Please check out some of my other creations at www.dustinmosley.com
DownloadLemur Plugin Controller.zip
Size33 kB
Number of downloads1422

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