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AuthorInigo Kennedy
Short DescriptionBall Controlled Midi Note Generator (for v2.0 Beta)
DescriptionAn intriguing midi note generator driven by a MultiBall object with eight balls. |||||||||||| Ball Speed sliders control the speed of each ball. A global speed fader affects all balls. Each ball represents a note with a basic pitch according to the Ball Note sliders. A ball is ‘active’ within a range of ‘x’ values. A midi note is only generated when a ball is ‘active’ and the ball’s ‘y’ value represents the note velocity (scaled to a global range). The pitch of each ball’s note depends on a variety of things… All pitches can be globally transposed (+/-2 octaves). Individual pitches can be processed to generate differing values (random, +/- any other ball’s note if it is ‘active’ and more to come). Pitches can then be scale quantised before output. Each of the ball’s can be enabled/disabled for midi output (but remain ‘active’ to affect others). When ‘active’ note on/off messages are transmitted can be controlled by the sync options… ‘OFF’ – note on whenever ball becomes ‘active’, note off when it becomes ‘inactive’. If sync is ‘INT’ then the note on/off messages are quantised to an internal clock according to the tempo and div controls. A lot of ‘hung note’ issues are tackled but some still lurk so there’s a Panic pad in case. Also pads to set random note pitches and ball speeds. |||||||||||| There’s a small handful of features are not yet implemented but represented (EXT sync and LFO processing modes) – coming soon! It’s all probably easier tried than explained! 🙂 |||||||||||| Updated : * and / processing modes implemented, INT sync and clock reworked. |||||||||||| Updated : WIN and OSX file formats included.
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