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The true innovation of the Lemur lies in its unlimited touch points. Live performers are no longer limited by a single mouse click that does one task; they can now use all of their fingers for true multi-tasking. Lemur’s multi-touch technology makes it possible to use all ten fingertips to accurately control multiple user-interface objects simultaneously. The agile responsiveness and radical differentiation of the Lemur has set the standard of what a controller should be.

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Precision and timing is key when performing live. That’s why the lemur allows you to enhance that precision, by zooming-in on any control. This gives the performer higher confidence to achieve the intended task.

Don’t you hate it when you buy a piece of hardware and the next day they come out with a better one with cooler features that you can’t enjoy, unless you buy the new one? Well, that won’t happen with the Lemur. With free upgrades from the JazzMutant site, your interface is always on the cusp.

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Perform ten tasks at once! Use all ten fingers and complete multiple tasks at once to go faster and save precious time. You’ll never want to click that mouse again.

Bjork and Daft Punk not only use the lemur for functionality, actually a part of the look and feel of their stage theme. The brilliant colorful interface fits in with any stage lighting and adds to the cool factor of the audience experience.


You have a two-hour live set and you have multiple interfaces for your performance. How many controllers will you bring along? Well, just one. The Lemur allows you to save and navigate through all your interfaces with the touch of a button! Use the Up and Down buttons above the display to flip through your pre-defined interface layouts or make use of the preview function, allowing you to have a look at your interface in thumbnail, before selecting it with your fingertip. Now you’ve got an unlimited number of controllers in a single box.

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