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In December 2007, JazzMutant’s headquarters were subject to a colorful audiovisual Christmas experience, that gave the Lemur the hefty task of controlling synchronized lights and sounds. However trivial the result of this experiment might be, this was definitely worth sharing as a Christmas treat.
Cast :
  • One Lemur running an autonomous sequencer template
  • 3 RGB lamp bars, with eight lamps each
  • One Powerbook running Native Instrument Absynth 3 as well as an OSC-to-DMX conversion program that enables light control from the Lemur
  • A USB DMX interface
Lemur Light – 16.7MB
Synopsis :

A step-sequencer running on the Lemur simulatenously drives software synth Absynth’s 3 as well as 3 lamp bars from . A Powerbook sits in the middle, routing the incoming Lemur data to Absynth using the MIDI protocol on the one hand, and to the DMX controlled lights on the other. The Lemur sequencer comprises eight parallel tracks with independent pitch selection. While the 8 tracks are fed to Absynth, each of them also drives one RGB lamp capable of representing the full color spectrum. Each note’s pitch determines the hue of the output color, while the volume drives the brightness.

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