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The Lemur is provided with JazzEditor, a crossplatform (Mac/Win) interface builder. This software enables to create interfaces consisting of graphic objects on your computer and store them in the Lemur. The number of interfaces that can be included in a single project is not limited: it only depends on the number of objects. Indeed, a Lemur project can contain up to 1024 interactive objects and 1024 mathematical expressions.

In addition to the editing features, the JazzEditor also provides a comprehensive hierarchical overview of your project. It also offers a full set of options to customize each object: dimension, shape, appearance, status and behavior.

The Lemur communicates with your environment in the most flexible, immediate and effective manner. Its fast-ethernet interface ensures a data flow hundreds of times faster than possible with an average MIDI interface. Although the Lemur is not a MIDI device, it behaves like one: the one-of-a-kind JazzDaemon background application running on the host computer handles MIDI communication between the Lemur and any number of MIDI applications or devices connected to the host computer. The JazzDaemon automatically detects the Lemur, when plugged into the computer. All settings and routings for the JazzDeamon can be comfortably edited from the Lemur’s touch-screen.

The JazzDaemon also works as an OSC to MIDI messages converter. OSC floating point values that come from the Lemur can be converted into any kind of MIDI datas (note-ons, Control Change, Program Change, MIDI Clock, sysex … ), and sent out to a physical or virtual MIDI port. Although MIDI protocol is not as flexible and accurate as OSC, it allows the Lemur to be used in conjunction with any software instruments and sequencers. Additionally, the state of objects on the Lemur can be remote-controlled by all types of MIDI messages.

Finally the Lemur’s ability to emulate any Control Surface unveils its characteristic of being a perfectly powerful MIDI Controller.

The lemur is the first control surface to comply with OSC protocol. Thanks to this protocol, the Lemur is capable of:
> sending 32-bit floating point values
> encapsulating up to 256 values within a single message
> controlling several computers at once with broadcast messages
> being controlled by the application

One of the most powerful features of the Lemur is its mathematical expressions system. Thus, you just have to use arithmetical or logical operation to alter the objects’ value range or behavior. You can also create as many additional control messages as you need, which can be pretty useful when you wan’t an object to control several items at once. This mathematical expression system features a full set of logical and arithmetic operators, and you can create your own user-defined functions.

To find out about Version 2.0’s new features click here.

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