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The Lemur’s top feature is its unique multi-touch sensor, able to track an unlimited number of fingers at once. This transparent sensor is set on a top of the range industrial-class 12” TFT display. Compared to the average laptop monitors, the Lemur’s panel is much brighter, contrasted and it offers a much wider viewing angle. Thus, you can always see what is on display, even under spotlights or in a critical lighting environment.
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The Lemur also embeds an internal CPU, a powerful GPU (graphic processing unit) as well as a FPU (floating point arithmetic unit), which makes it a quite independant pet for your laptop. In other words, since it manages video rendering and other processor-consuming tasks by itself, it will not overload the processor of the computer.
As any electronic device or musical instrument, the Lemur obviously needs to be handled with care. Nevertheless, no worry about that, you can use a Lemur in any situation wherever you are : although it is not unbreakable, it has been designed to comply with industrial product standards and it is robust enough to work in the most critical contexts. Indeed, the whole system is housed in a sleek, robust though lightweight aluminium enclosure. The sensor itself is protected with a vandal-proof coating that resists to scratches and humidity. And since it is glued on a 3mm glass plate, the touchscreen also protects the TFT display from being damaged.
The Lemur communicates with the host computer using Fast Ethernet connection, which means that the Lemur is capable of exchanging thousands of control messages at once with your application. It also means that you can connect numerous computers and Lemurs on a local area network and make all of them party together.
The Lemur can deal with a great number of interfaces simultaneously. Thanks to the +/- navigation buttons, you can navigate on-the-fly among those. The Lemur also features an Interface List button that opens a thumbnail gallery displaying all the current interfaces. Thus, you can directly go to the selected interface by touching the corresponding thumbnail. The interface change happens without any latency.
We are always working on improvements and new features. The Lemur can be fully updated with a new firmware by the user through the LAN interface. A checkout system prevents the systeme against improper programming.

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