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In addition, it is one of the first controllers that complies with the blazing fast OpenSoundControl (OSC) protocol, an emerging network-based standard for controllers that has significant advantages over MIDI: low latency, higher data capacity, 32-bit numerical precision and easy set-up. Supported by an emerging number of applications, this protocol opens a new era in the field of real-time control and human-machine interfaces. Finally a controller that thinks ahead and is able to adapt with the ever-changing landscape.

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Connect numerous computers and Lemurs on a local area network and make them all dance together. Faster data flow means seamless communication. The Lemur’s fast Ethernet interface ensures a data flow hundreds of times faster than your average MIDI interface. The Lemur has a built in 100BaseT interface, which means that the Lemur is capable of exchanging thousands of control messages at once with your application.

The Lemur unveils itself as the coveted controller that applications such as Reaktor, Max/MSP, Audiomulch, SuperCollider, Pure Data or Bidule have been drooling over for ages. With most of this software being natively OSC compliant, you will take advantage of the versatility of the Lemur. With the slide of one finger you can tweak the 32 bands of a vocoder, control the most complex polyphonic granular synthesizer, or even generate crazy rhythmic patterns with the MultiSlider.

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The Lemur is a priceless companion when communicating with loop based sequencers such as Ableton Live: enjoy triggering clips with switches, grouping several tracks together, or controlling filters with bi-dimensional objects, generating any type of LFO for effect auto-driving. Turn your Imagination into reality with the tip of your fingers.

JazzDaemon is a background application running on your host computer that handles MIDI communication between the Lemur and any number of MIDI applications or devices connected to your host computer. This single interface allows you to control the track levels of your sequencer with one hand while playing your hardware sampler or virtual instrument with the other. Multi-tasking at its finest!

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