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> How many fingers can touch the panel simultaneously?
In theory, there is no such limitation. However, we suggest you not to use more than 10 fingers at once, since our sensor has not been experimented by 11-fingered people yet.

> Can the sensor detect anything else than fingers?
Yes, stylus, ball-points, toes, cat’s paw, etc. Basically any object (except blunt instruments) exerting a sufficient force.

> Does sweat modify sensitivity?
No. We even noticed that the touching sensation is more pleasant with sweaty hands, or when the sensor is slightly wet or greasy.

> What is the activation force?
20 Newtons. A standard computer keyboard activation force is 80 Newtons.

> Can children use the Lemur?
Our kids love to cuddle their Lemurs.

> I am interested in multitouch sensor, but I do not care about music and cannot stand bouncing colorful balls. Where can I get in touch with this technological masterpiece?
Through JazzMutant, France.

> So, if I start taking down my Lemur in order to dismantle the multipoint sensor, will the warranty still be valid?
Don’t even think about it.

> Is the Lemur’s multitouch sensor pressure sensitive?

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