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> Can I code my own objects?
No. We do our best to create new objects and improve the existing ones by making them always more flexible and configurable for the user. But if you have any suggestions or precise ideas for new objects, please feel free to let us know.

> I am not too keen on Star Trek. Can I customize the object appearance?
No, for the very same reason as above. Although some graphical property parameters can be set (size, color), objects are parts and parcels of the program and cannot be modified.

> Can I display any kind of images (pictures, movies, videogames, wallpapers…) on the Lemur?
No, but you can still adorn your screen with any sticker you want.

> Can I name the objects as I want?
Yes, one of the advantages of the Lemur is the possibility to name freely any object and message. You nonetheless have to conform to a certain amount of syntax rules.

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