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Sometimes, the gap between inspiration and realization is too long and the magic is lost. To reduce that risk, you need a tool that speeds-up the process. Dexter App gives you the ability to use all ten of your fingers to complete several tasks at once and save precious time when recording or creating, making sure those moments don’t go to waste.

Dexter App’s unique EQ editor and zoomable faders allow ultimate precision. Now you can now touch and manipulate EQ curves directly. The curve on Dexter App precisely mirrors that of your DAW and you can directly manipulate each band in real time. You can zoom right in on any part of the curve to make super-fine frequency and gain adjustments. Faders in Dexter App are also zoomable – this brings matchless precision to your mix that physical faders just can’t compete with.


Navigating through conventional control surfaces on a large-scale project can be cumbersome. Dexter App introduces the most convenient way of browsing through your project with the smart Overview widget. This widget displays a miniaturized view of the whole mixer, showing up to 64 tracks at a time with levels and color-coded states. Sliding a finger across the view discloses the content of each bank of tracks, making each one of them accessible in a snap.

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